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Junk Food Junkies, Health in the New Year, and Gale Health Resources

Junk Food Junkie Larry Groce    There was a song out in the mid 1970’s called “Junk Food Junkie” written and sung by Larry Groce.  It was a catchy tune about a seemingly health-conscious individual (aka hippie) who had issues with junk food.  I’ve included some of the lyrics below so that you can fully appreciate his angst on the subject:    

“You know I love that organic cooking
I always ask for more
And they call me Mr. Natural
On down to the health food store

I only eat good sea salt
White sugar don’t touch my lips…

…Oh, but at night I take out my strongbox
That I keep under lock and key
And I take it off to my closet
Where nobody else can see

I open that door so slowly
Take a peek up north and south
Then I pull out a Hostess Twinkie
And I pop it in my mouth

Yeah, in the daytime I'm Mr. Natural
Just as healthy as I can be
But at night I'm a junk food junkie
Good Lord have pity on me

…Oh, but folks lately I have been spotted
With a Big Mac on my breath
Stumbling into a Colonel Sanders
With a face as white as death

I'm afraid someday they'll find me
Just stretched out on my bed
With a handful of Pringles Potato Chips
And a Ding Dong by my head”

So, we can surmise that the term “junk food junkie” is still relevant today.  We are all trying to be healthy people while surrounded by the temptation of junk food, and the comfort of our couches.  What is a couch potato to do?  And what the heck does all of this have to do with libraries, you ask?  Well, it’s pretty simple – the library is a great source of health information thanks to Gale Resources.  Imagine a wealth of health-related articles, full text medical journals, reference works, and more available at your fingertips.  Gale Health Resources includes the “Health and Wellness Resource Center” where you can search feature topics, diseases and conditions, diagnostics and tests, and therapies, treatments and surgeries.  Check out the “Health Reference Center Academic” to discover periodicals and reference content.  The “Nursing and Allied Health Collection” contains over 13 million articles on health topics to research.  Lastly, the “Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine” resource has over seven hundred thousand articles and lets you use “Topic Finder” to narrow down your keyword or subject.  Gale Resources is a free online comprehensive resource provided by your library.  Go to the Bondurant Community website,, log in with your patron number, and access Gale Resources today to begin your health journey, and ditch those Twinkies once and for all.