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Back to the Future - Facebook Community Action Grant Awarded to Bondurant Community Library

By Jennifer Campbell, Assistant Director @ Bondurant Community Library

Flashback!  Do you remember the library of the past?  Think back to those days when you wandered the stacks, and pretended not to notice the librarian’s stern looks.  It was probably so quiet you could hear a clock ticking, or the thwack of a rubber stamp.  You might have noticed typewriters, old school rubber stamps, and a card catalog encased in a fancy wooden case.  There was probably whispering, and the occasional “shhh!” from a cardigan-clad librarian.  You might have peeked inside a book cover to see who checked it out – names and dates were on the checkout card stuck inside.  People studied and wrote notes on…gasp…paper with pen and ink.  In cursive! 

Fast forward to 2019.  Todays’ libraries have computers and Wi-Fi.  Patrons use smart phones and devices anywhere in the library, and read eBooks.  Cursive is becoming obsolete.  The quiet library of the past now hums with activity – not a ticking clock to be heard.  Librarians help patrons set up Facebook and email accounts.  They guide them on wireless printing, scanning and provide Wi-Fi hotspots.  

The future is now!  Facebook’s Altoona Data Center has awarded the Bondurant Community Library a Community Action Grant, and it will propel us even further into the future with more Wi-Fi hotspots, virtual reality, robots and educational coding games. 

One of the newer services we offer is Wi-Fi access.  Our Wi-Fi hotspots are continuously checked out, and our patrons are using them for business, homework, and even on vacation.  We are purchasing 10 more hotspots thanks to the Community Action Grant. 

Virtual Reality is popular, and we plan to make it more accessible!  We are purchasing five Oculus Go VR units that will take users on a virtual tour of the Anne Frank House, a swim in the ocean with sharks, spaceflight to the moon, and a leisurely walk among the dinosaurs. 

Robots are the future, and our young patrons will be able to build, code and program cute little “Sphero Sprk” robots during specifically targeted programs to help foster creativity and innovation.  We are also purchasing “Osmo”, an educational experience where kids explore, create and interact with digital games in a very unique way. 

So, thank you to Facebook’s Altoona Data Center.  You are propelling our library into the future!  We are so thankful for your community support!