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Kid Links

There are SO many great links on this page, you could spend a whole day (or more) exploring! CLICK HERE to see what we mean!

The San Francisco Exploratorium has some cool sites to check out on their list, too. CLICK HERE to see what they like!

Kids Gov is an interesting place to look around. CLICK HERE to check it out!

And WONDEROPOLIS has a new Wonder of the Day to discover every day! CLICK HERE to see today's Wonder!

FunBrain has all sorts of games and goodies in store. CLICK HERE to see what they've got!

The Getty Museum has some crazy games to play! CLICK HERE to try them out!

National Geographic Kids has photos, videos, games, puzzles - it's wild! CLICK HERE to start exploring!


The American Library Association has a whole list of websites for you and your kids to explore reading and activities. CLICK HERE