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Library Board Meeting Minutes March 2014

Minutes of the Bondurant Community Library Board Meeting

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Craig Kinrade, Pat Kaura, Michell Klinker-Feld, Mary Thomas, Josh Bryant, Craig Campbell

 Call to order at 7:00 PM

 Guests Present: Henry Bryant


Minutes of the February meeting were reviewed. A request was made to move the names of the people at the meeting from the top of the page to the end of the report in order not to confuse who attended the pre-meeting celebration and who attended the board meeting.  Jill will make changes to the official copy.  Motion by Kinrade to approve minutes as amended, second by Bryant.  Motion carried.


1.)    FINANCIAL REPORT:  The financial report was reviewed.  Craig Kinrade questioned information on last page of report:  Checking account balance and Library State Aid monies should have been added together rather than subtracted.  Jill will bring this to Lori’s attention and report back to the board via email when correction is made.  Library State Aid received was $1205.65 more than anticipated. 


2.)    WARRANT LIST:  Expenditures were reviewed.  We’re splitting the cost of a subscription to the magazine Book Page with the Elkader Library for a cost of $197.28, which includes postage.  Motion by Kaura second by Kinrade to approve the warrant list.  Motion carried.


3.)    STATISTICS:  A statistics report showing all months for 2013 and February 2014 was presented.  Literary Push attendance lower because of snow days; Circulation, Door Count, Story Time and Electronic resource use all up from last year.  Jill has added statistics for use of some databases such as Library Express and EBSCO Host.  The report will be reformatted next year to make it easier to compare items.


4.)    STAFF REPORT:  Staff has been very busy.  Shelley has resumed visits to Courtyard Estates the 2nd Tuesday every month.  Margaret will be going out to Courtyard to work with the Alzheimer’s patients two times a month on Fridays, bringing books and music to them.  Attendance was good at the Earl May gardening program; the book club read Act of Racing in the Wind;  Dan Wardell from IPTV will bring a program on the Reading Road Trip on June 30.


5.)    LIBRARIAN ITEMS:  Librarian report reviewed.  Staff printer installed; Century Link upgraded broadband (20M/5M); trustee letter delivered to City Administrator outlining our salary plans for 2014-15; a motorcycle club using the meeting room donated $35; Amanda Pitts will be the new non-resident member of the board beginning in April.  Her appointment was approved by the Polk County Board of Supervisors this week and she will receive orientation from Jill about her duties in March.  House File 2055 was defeated in the legislature.  We will review our policy on privacy next month to determine whether we should make any changes to it. 


 Librarian Requests:

  1. Jill inquired about the possibility of becoming a notary so we could offer that service to patrons.  Board approved her request and will pay the application fee.  If approved, notary service will be free to patrons; $5 charge for non-patrons. 
  2. Jill was contacted by the Chamber of Commerce asking if we wanted to continue to include Library Brochures in their welcome bags.  She asked for permission to print brochures and book marks that will be placed in the bags and be available to patrons at the library.  Board approved request to have book marks printed commercially.
  3. Jill has applied for a grant to the Humanities Speakers Bureau.  Larry Stone will speak on May 6 at 7:00 p.m.  Fee will be $50.  Board approved expenditure for the fee.
  4. Jill asked if she could pursue moving one current staff member to full time status as outlined in our letter to the City Council.  She will talk with staff to determine who will be moved to full-time status in the 2014 budget year; who will be moved to full time in the 2015 budget year.  Jill will provide the board with a salary budget proposal for the rest of 2014 at the April meeting.



  1. IPad Use Policy was reviewed; recommended to change wording from “check” to “check out” in the first paragraph.  Policy approved as amended.
  2. Meeting Room Policy reviewed.  Much discussion about moving a dumpster closer to the library for use by people renting the meeting room; whether we should charge a $35 deposit and if so, to whom; how the policy should be worded to ensure people understand their responsibilities and liabilities as meeting room renters; whether room should be available for commercial use.  Jill will find out how the policy covering meeting space at City Hall is worded.  Motion to approve this policy tabled at this time.
  3. Election of officers was held.  Kaura nominated the following slate:  Michell Klinker-Feld, President; Craig Kinrade, Vice President; Mary Thomas, Secretary.  Entire slate elected; new officers will assume their roles effective April 2.
  4. Craig Kinrade questioned  ThinkLite’s proposal to replace all library lights at once.  Would like to explore possibility of purchasing lights from ThinkLite and replacing them as needed by hiring an independent licensed electrician.  Discussion ensued about costs of multiple visits by an electrician, how doing that would affect the possible rebate from Mid American, impact on the electric costs, ability to store all of the lights in the library building.  A question was asked if we could donate current baffles and lights to a nonprofit agency rather than just dispose of them. In any case, we still need to replace the emergency light battery backups.  Jill will do some research on these topics and will report back at our April meeting.




8.)    Motion by Kinrade second by Klinker-Feld to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


Next meeting Wednesday, April 2, 2014 7:00 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Pat Kaura